Giethoorn Day Tour


Have you ever imagined a car-free village? Yes, there exist many but a special notice to the Giethoorn village situated in the north-eastern Dutch province named Overijssel.


The village is more popular for its footpaths, bicycle rides, and boat rides. Centuries-old thatched roof houses will grab your attention. This car-free village is also called “Venice of Dutch “because of the architecture.


The border of this village is a section of a natural park named Weerribben-Wieden, This part of the park was once used for peat and reed harvesting…Next to it is a farm museum which tells us the history of this region.


Have you ever imagined staying at a peaceful place where water passes through canals and the place has old but pretty thatched-roof farmhouses? You must visit the village of Giethoorn.


The place is so quiet and serene that one will like to spend many days here disconnecting the world around. Rush of water in canals, elders talking, quacking of ducks and chirping birds are the only music you will get to listen. Trust us, it’s a most soothing sound you will ever hear.


Traveling to the place may be difficult but Giethoorn day tour from Amsterdam is made easy by LIMO SERVICE HOLLAND

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The next generation will get to see the peaceful atmosphere, apart from the world they see inside their smartphones.


Boat rides are one of the most popular tourist attraction, they also have motor boats for rent. It’s always a good idea to book a canal cruise in advance as there are only limited departures, and you will regret missing these.


Other not to miss part of this beautiful village is the three canal-side museums and the shipyard (Schreur shipyard).


Footpaths near these canals are very good for walking and cycling. There are many cafes and restaurants on the lane where you can drop by and have a scrumptious meal.


Visit this car-free village will give us a pollution-free day. Here you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the aromas of water, soil and feel its best.


LIMO SERVICE HOLLAND will help you in all the ways to get the best of your tour. All you need to do is freeze a day in your vacation to visit this lovely place, book a car with all the comforts, send them your travel plan to discuss the final itinerary and done. The chauffeur will arrive on time to pick you and start your tour.


Pack your bags with some basic first aid and some kids friendly snacks to enjoy the long drive in the high-end car. Enjoy your vacation to Amsterdam and all the other places near it and do let us know how your experience was.

Duration: 6 HOURS

Car 360 euro / Minivan 400 euro

Upgrade to limousine (Mercedes S class) add 25% to the car price