Delft The Hague Tour



Have you ever planned a trip from Amsterdam to cities like Delft and The Hague? If not…let me tell you that these places are worth visiting along with your people.


Amsterdam itself is very famous for its beautiful architecture, canal and coffee shops in general. You also have many other site seeing places related to the history of the city, art and many museums to show us the culture and past of the country.


But apart from this city we also have other cities like Delft, Hague, and Madurodam which gives us some of the best memories for our vacation.


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Book the tour, share your plan and relax. Now that mode of travel for your tour is sorted let’s move on to what you can to have fun at your Delft and The Hague tour from Amsterdam.


Below are few good ideas and options on what to do at your stay in Delft and The Hague.


The Hague is also known as “the royal city by the sea”. It is a very good choice for a day tour. The city is also known as “the city of peace and justice “as it hosted two international peace conferences in 1907 and 1899, another name for the beautiful city is “the royal family residence “.


You can even find the royal family members shopping around.


There are many palaces and museums which will show us how the state functioned earlier. “Palace Noordeindi” which was once a king’s residence is now working office for the king and his attendees.


Kneuterdijk Palace is now the home of the council of state., though no one is allowed in the palaces there are regular music performances in gothic hall and tour around the huge structure.


Apart from these many historical constructions, the city is famous for the royal theatre, the Escher exhibition, the peace palace and the future residence of the king.


In some palaces, tours are not encouraged due to security reasons but their architecture is so royal and elegant even from the external view too…


Delft and The Hague tour from Amsterdam must be planned only after having the list of places to visit in both the places.


As there are some places which will be best of interest if you are taking your kids along with you.


The kid’s playground and science center will be a major attraction. Enjoy the unique cuisine and the ride in a comfortable car.


We at LIMO SERVICE HOLLAND ensure that you and your family will have the best trip and go back to your home with many memories.


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Duration: 6 HOURS

Car 360 euro / Minivan 400 euro

Upgrade to limousine (Mercedes S class) add 25% to the car price