Amsterdam Sightseeing Tour


In all over Europe, there is no replica of Amsterdam. As we all know, it is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Every year, Amsterdam attracts tourists from across the world to witness the glory of its heritage, culture, nightlife, and many more aspects.

The city offers numerous options from magnificent architecture to artsy museums to luxurious pubs. Hence, while planning your Amsterdam sightseeing tour, it is expected that you will be spoilt for choices.

Traveling via road is perhaps the best option to visit this picturesque city.
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Here are some of the iconic places for sightseeing in Amsterdam.


#1 Dam Square

It is the heart of the city housing some of the best palaces, museums, cafes, and shops. Hence, Dam Square remains tourist-packed throughout the day.

The 17th-century Royal Palace, New Church, the National Memorial Statue, and Madame Tussauds wax museum are located near Dam Square. One can find great options when it comes to food and entertainment in Dam Square. Among many forms of entertainment, the Ferris wheel is quite famous among the tourists.


#2 The Royal Palace

The 17th century Royal Palace is the King’s residence. It was formerly known as Town Hall.

The architecture of this palace has some fascinating stories from the time when it was built. The mammoth structure is based upon no less than 13,659 piles. The exterior is planned according to the classical architecture of ancient Rome.

Some highlights of this palace include the most elegant furniture collections, the marble fireplace in the City Treasurer’s room, the ceiling paintings by Cornelis Holstein, and the paintings in the Hall of the Aldermen.


#3 Windmills

Amsterdam sightseeing tour will be incomplete without visiting the windmills, a typical Dutch icon. There were multiple reasons for building these windmills.

Two of the primary reasons were protection from flood and mustard production.

Though most of the old windmills in Amsterdam have been dismantled, eight remains. Molen van Sloten is the most famous one, which is the only windmill still open to visitors.

It is still in operation, pumping excess water from the surrounding area. De Gooyer, De Otter, Riekermolen, D’Admiraal, De Bloem are some of the other windmills that one can visit.

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